National Resource Persons AEP

In the AEP, Resource Persons are individuals who have received an in-depth orientation to the programme at the national level and are entrusted with the responsibility of further orienting school teachers to respond to concerns of adolescents effectively. These are faculty members of the two schooling systems, KVS and NVS. These individuals are readily available human resources who can contribute towards monitoring the programme, advocating with different stakeholders, such as the school staff, administrators or parents, suggesting innovations for improving the effectiveness of AEP, such as organizing theme-based activities for various stakeholders. Essentially, they are the friends of Adolescence Education programme. You may want to access them...

National Resource Persons AEP
Institution Person Name Email Designation Address
NCERT Prof. Saroj Yadav saroj.npep[@] Project Coordinator, AEP/NPEP NCERT, New Delhi
UNFPA Dr. Venkatesh Srinivasan srinivasan[@] Asst. Representative, UNFPA UNFPA, New Delhi
UNFPA Dr. Jaya jaya[@] Programme Officer UNFPA, New Delhi
UNFPA Dr. Geeta Narayan narayan[@] Programme Officer UNFPA, New Delhi
UNFPA Ms. Nalini Srivastava srivastava[@] Programme Associate UNFPA, New Delhi
KVS Mr. Varun Mitra ac.acad4[@] Asst. Commissioner, Acad and AEP KVS HQ, New Delhi
NVS Mr. Rajanikanth Dasi rajanikanth.dasi[@] Project Officer, AEP NVS HQ, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
NIOS Ms. Asheema Singh asheema.singh[@] Project Coordinator, AEP NIOS HQ, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
NCERT Dr. Bijaya Kumar Malik bijayancert[@] Asst. Professor, NPEP NCERT, New Delhi
NCERT Mr. Harish Meena harishncert[@] Asst. Professor, NPEP NCERT, New Delhi
NCERT Sanjeev Kumar Project Fellow (IT), AEP-MIS NCERT, New Delhi