What is Electronic Discussion Forum and how do I access it?
Electronic Discussion Forum is your very own space to articulate issues of common interest related to different aspects of the Adolescence Education Programme. School teachers and others engaged with the program can raise issues related to adolescent health and well being and meaningful ways of responding to them. Issues such as content and pedagogy of the AEP, monitoring the programme, engaging adolescents more actively and possible mechanisms for institutionalizing AEP in school education can be important discussion topics. Similarly, challenges in programme implementation and achievements can be shared on this forum.
We are sincerely interested in responding to your questions and concerns. You could initiate a discussion by sending the discussion topic of your interest to aeparc2014[at]
The moderator will review the discussion topic, ensure that it meets the interest of several community members and then float the topic on the forum.
At this point, you can participate in the discussion by responding to the query raised by another member.
After 2-3 weeks, the moderator will review all the responses and post a consolidated response to the query on the forum. This consolidated response as well as individual responses to a query will be archived in the Electronic Discussion Forum and will serve as reference documents on a topic that has been discussed.
Please note that first time users need to register on the website. It is a very simple process and ensures quality and safety of content being discussed. Frequent users will need to remember their user name and password to log in again and access the electronic discussion forum.

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Participate in the various discussion topics listed under this Forum and let people know about your views on them.
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Find consolidated replies over various discussions under this Forum.
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